A comedy by Markus Köbeli

Tourism is focusing on hybrid vacations, allowing tourists to travel from their couch via livestreams. Why not benefit from this idea? After lengthy discussions, the Holzer farming family decide to "prostitute" themselves to tourists in their own way: they convert their parlor into a "peep show", offering an insight into authentic, rustic, swiss country life! Even the 90-year-old grandfather is included in their schemes. The project overboards and takes on ever more absurd and shrill features, all in the name of polishing up the family finances.


Markus Köbeli wrote this bitterly wicked comedy in 1989 and the play has lost none of its explosive and entertaining value. The play creates a wonderful dynamic in which the audience is led from laughter to laughter, just to get it intermittently stuck in their throat. 

Theater am Käfigturm

Director: Simon Burkhalter