the story

This is the story of a collagist.

She is a collector of places, moods, tokens and faces. These could be real or only exist in a movie or a book. But all of them are bound to an event or a moment in her life. She reworks images and details from these stories into collages. Every Saturday morning, the collagist puts on her jersey and the bomber jacket with the many pockets to meet her grandmother in a café. The grandmother always wears a classic, pinstriped suit with a silk blouse. She too is a collector, of garments, plants and little things form the past. At noon they order champagne.  

The characters who inspire my designs embody and combine two opposite themes which define my design aesthetic: the Lady and the Rowdy.  

I am constantly looking for balance in my work, following a mix-and-match aesthetic. To embrace the idea of the collagist, I started the design process by deconstructing vintage garments and then assembled the extracted pieces into new silhouettes. The idea of the collage was further explored in multiple stages of the process, like the print which was based on a hand-embroidery trial.
Contrast plays an important role in my design: From combining different colors, materials, textures and shapes that would not necessarily be considered to work well together to the concept of the Lady and the Rowdy.