the collection

the polaroids

the moodboard

the story


This is the story of a collagist.

She is a collector of places, moods, tokens and faces. These could be real or only exist in a movie or a book. But all of them are bound to an event or a moment in her life. She reworks images and details from these stories into collages. Every Saturday morning, the collagist puts on her jersey and the bomber jacket with the many pockets to meet her grandmother in a café. The grandmother always wears a classic, pinstriped suit with a silk blouse. She too is a collector, of garments, plants and little things form the past. At noon they order champagne. Together they dream of going places.

Since these days traveling is difficult, the collector finds herself missing home and all kinds of unexpected places. And when the days are long, it's best to to share the madness and to send some postcards to the family.